Comfitec Premier 220G turnout rug 1200D 5ft 3in

Comfitec Premier 220G turnout rug 1200D 5ft 3in

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The Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Plus Dynamic Detach-A-Neck Medium Turnout Rug is a combination of comfort and durability, thanks to which it is the perfect value for money. The rug has been developed in such a way as to maintain the greatest possible freedom of movement. Equipped with front wedges that do not restrict the movements of the shoulder blades, wide tailgate, adjustable back legs straps, EZI buckle on the front and belly straps.

The rug is waterproof and breathable, made of material of 1200D strength (super strong, triple weave). The standard neck cut, finished with soft fur, has foam panels on the underside to protect the withers.

*Filling 220g
*Along the spine, the soft foam has been sewn in the area of the withers, supporting the shape of the rug and reducing the material tension at the withers, minimizing abrasions
*Removable, elastic leg straps with swivel clamps, belly straps, string under the tail
*Traditional side wedge ensuring freedom of movement
*Large tail flap
*Front closure of EZI buckle, quick and easy to use
*Reflective stripes on the front and back

Size :
5 ft 3in (fits horses 137-142 cm long)

Colour: Violet with brown finish

How to choose the size of a rug:
Measure your horse from the middle of the chest height to the furthest point of the croup. We recommend matching the size of a rug to the actual length of the horse.