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Fresh Horse gel

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A sweet menthol-flavored gel that makes breathing easier and relieves muscle fatigue after exercise.

The unique combination of active ingredients LACARTIN 5, containing essential oils of mint, anise, and eucalyptus, facilitating and supporting breathing and L-carnitine, which helps to save glycogen in the muscles and reduces fatigue of muscle tissue. The product has a form of a pleasantly sweet, easy-to-eat sweet gel.

Composition of the formulation:
1 application contains : L-carnitine 4.5 g, peppermint oil, silica anise, eucalyptus silica, silica, sucralose, honey, water, soda-methyl paraben, sodium propyl paraben.

The appearance of the formulation:
A yellow-brown gel that smells sweetly like essential oils.

Method of administration:
Give your horse the contents of the application 15-25 minutes before the horse's activity (jumps, reining, dressage, start in competitions, etc.). Administer the contents of the application to the top of the tongue by pushing the plunger - enter all contents at once. Before application, remove the attachment from the applicator with slight bending to the side.

Storage method:
Store below 25 ° C. Protects from frost.

Keep away from children. If the product gets into your eyes, rinse with water, seek medical advice if irritation persists.

The product is intended only for animals. It does not contain doping substances.

Package size:
1 x 12.4 g