KBF99 Long Bristle Brush

KBF99 Long Bristle Brush

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Ergonomically designed long bristle brush for coat, comfortable to use. Kills 99% of the bacteria and fungi that come into contact with your horse daily. This classic brush has medium-hard bristles impregnated with KBF99 technology, which facilitates the fight against scratches, mud, mycosis and other skin infections of bacterial and fungal origin. The destruction of microorganisms takes place without chemicals, thanks to the KBF99 technology. The use of these brushes also helps in removing lice and reduces dandruff. With daily use, the effects should be visible after 5 - 7 days.

KBF99 technology:

KBF99 forms a special coating on the surface of the plastic in the form of a molecular network with tiny spikes. In addition, it is rich in nitrogen molecules, carrying a positive charge. They attract negatively charged cell membranes of bacteria, fungi, algae and mycotoxins. The spikes break the bacterial membrane, thereby killing the cell. Then the positive and negative charges collide, and the entire cell is torn apart.

KBF99 technology has been fully tested at the Coventry University in England.

Every animal should have its own brushes.

Can be washed in warm soapy water.
Harsh chemicals (such as bleach) will destroy the brush and remove its properties.

Usage: everyday use