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Every rider needs comfortable and fashionable socks in their wardrobe. These peddies are what you are looking for.
Perfect for any equestrian adventure: from the morning ride on the beach, through afternoon training on menage to evening crazy hacking out. 
The length over the calf is very popular, because of the flexibility and comfort while wearing it. After all, no one wants socks that slide off the calf! The anti-slip design for safety and the reinforced foot, make these knee-high socks an excellent choice.

Unique insert on the calf - there is a thin insert that protects your calves and provides comfort while driving
Incomparable foot support. Excellent, reinforced heel to toe sole provides comfort during long rides, and the reinforced area of the ankle keeps the feet in a stable position.
The innovative Opti-dry technology, moisture is wicked away from the foot to the outside, providing breathability and dryness.

Can be machine washed.

Great socks for riding - thanks to the properly selected material composition, you can easily put on your riding boots.

Universal size (37-42)