OMS Travel Roll massage roller

OMS Travel Roll massage roller

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Travel - Your roller always with you

The first such a travel roller!

It will fit into a small suitcase, a backpack or even a handbag.

Universal black color.

Very hard roller with a smooth surface with a special structure to prevent slipping.

It fits all surfaces. Ideal for fascial massage, both before and after training.

Dedicated to professionals and amateurs.

Lenght 26 cm

Diameter 12 cm

Density 60G / L

OMSRoll FoamRoller - how, why and why roll.
While rolling before training can be combined with a warm-up or is usually omitted and replaced with dynamic stretching, post-training rolling is sacred! After doing hard work, the muscles should be rested and regenerated. We can achieve it by rolling (so-called auto-massage). This results in faster circulation of blood and lymph in the massaged parts of the body, which allows faster and better transport of oxygen to acidified muscles, breaking down the thickening formed on the connective tissue and enhances the production of collagen. The fascia becomes more flexible, which prevents the appearance of pain and injury.

With the help of FoamRoller OMSRoll we are able to have a stronger impact on the fascia of the surrounding muscles than through classic stretching. It is necessary to "roll out" the whole body, and not only selected parts, because human is one big connected system.

After training, we roll for longer and we do it more accurately than before the effort - we make about 15 repetitions for each part of the body, in painful places we should stop for a moment to overcome the pain that causes the tension of the muscle chains.