Pocket Skin Shirt
Pocket Skin Shirt
Pocket Skin Shirt
Pocket Skin Shirt
Pocket Skin Shirt

Pocket Skin Shirt

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The Pocket Skin T-Shirt provides versatile comfort thanks to the moisture management technology for enhanced comfort and thus performance during training.

It is an indispensable product for daily training as well as for competitions. Derriere material absorbs moisture, is flexible in all directions and provides protection against UV rays. It helps maintain correct body temperature regulation (ensures cooling in hot weather and heat in colder periods).

All Derriere materials are high-quality moisture wicking fabrics that allow the skin to breathe, preventing discomfort caused by overheating. The fabric drains moisture, wicks sweat from the body to the surface of the clothes, where it evaporates.

Moist skin can easily get irritated, which is why the ability to pass moisture outside is important in the selection of fabrics. The finishing material combines high strength, excellent breathability and softness to the touch.

POCKET SKIN shirt has long sleeves and a comfortable collar. A discreet side pocket with a hidden zipper is ideal for storing the phone, it is additionally equipped with an output for a headphone cable. It provides the user with comfort and style. Focusing on technology, the flat seams from Derriere ensure the highest wearing comfort.
The professional, sporty design is complemented by the Derriere Equestrian logo "wrapped" around the T-shirt.

Main features:
*support and comfort for the upper body thanks to the breathable material
*drainage of moisture
*elastic fabric
*protection against UV radiation
*flat seams
*Discreet pocket closed with a hidden zipper, suitable for storing a mobile phone, has an output for a headphone cable
*high, round semi-golf
*long sleeves

Derriere Equestrian logo

80% polyamide
20% elastane

Machine washable at 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry.