Power Bank 7500 mAh
Power Bank 7500 mAh

Power Bank 7500 mAh

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The 7500 mAh portable power bank is incredibly small and light.

Lighter than a deck of cards, as light as a smartphone, it can charge your heated clothes 8 Flewarm up to 6 hours *.

Charging takes place via the Micro USB connector, and because the power bank has two connectors - you can charge your phone at the same time!

*compact, durable construction
*LED indicators - show the remaining power
*reusable - a safe and long-lasting lithium-ion battery

The set includes:
*Power bank 7500 mAh
*USB cable
*Instructions in English

Pictures from the manufacturer's website: 8kflexwarm.com

*) depends on the way you use it