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Like all products from the equestrian group from Derriere Equestrian, the sporty Derriere bra has completely seamless spots to minimize the chance of chafing. The cups are super comfortable and very soft to the touch.

A bra is fastened at the front with a zip, running along the entire length - so that you will never have the feeling that the bra has become stuck on a sweaty body after an intense effort!

As you might expect from Derriere, a company that also puts emphasis on a fashionable look and fantastic colors, the bra will be proudly presented at every workout, including the gym or gym. Remember that if you choose to train in a "normal" bra, the straps can slide down and cause great discomfort while driving, as well as a complete lack of breast support. The special shape of the Derriere sports bra is extremely practical.

Main features:
*Compression and encapsulation for excellent support
*Extremely close-fitting, seamless fit "second skin", minimizes chest movements, provides additional support
*It relieves discomfort and reduces the risk of injury to the chest ligament
*Mesh lining with full chest support
*Deeper embedment for core stability and chest support
*Prevents neck and shoulder pain, supports arms
*Zipper at the front, with an additional security hook
*Push brand finish of luxury underwear of the highest class
*Deep indentation
*Technologically advanced, breathable, temperature-regulating fabric with a luxurious appearance.

Padded adjustable shoulder straps that help reduce neck fatigue
three-level moisture management system, dry absorption
limits movement, supports and separates for shape enhancements
functional support stitches for breast shaping

7 sizes Derriere corresponding to 14 standard bra sizes

The choice of fabrics for glued DEPP is a high-class, luxurious, sporty equipment from our fabric suppliers in southern Italy. The content is a blend of polyamide and elastane, providing an elegant, designer underwear that is soft, supportive and flexible, which is necessary for riding sports.

Color: white-nude