The Five Rules of a Master Herder

The Five Rules of a Master Herder

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Linda Kohanov, the author of the best-selling The Tao of Equus, initiated the approach of deep understanding for a "horse's path", including the unusual, non-verbal communication of qualified riders, as well as the joint power of a herd developed over centuries.
She adopted a well-grounded, time-tested approach to modern life and to companies in which hierarchies of top-down management have become obsolete.

Describing the five roles of "shepherd-leaders" :dominant, leader, host/companion, predator/vulture. Shows readers how to recognize them and use them in the "modern tribes" of our jobs and other social organizations.

This model, refined in detail, supports mobility, adaptability and develops innovation, enabling groups to achieve goals, overcome obstacles and support each other with extraordinary grace, as is the case between a qualified rider and their horse.

Language: English
Cover: Soft
Number of pages: 248