Thermasoft Bandit Breeches
Thermasoft Bandit Breeches
Thermasoft Bandit Breeches

Thermasoft Bandit Breeches

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Train comfortably regardless of the season.

The Thermasoft ™ Bandit soft fleece-leggings are a combination of a fitted cut and soft, non-limiting movements, winter leggings. Equipped with three handy pockets - two on the sides with contrasting seams and one on the back, closed with a zipper. Durable, flexible and lightweight, they feature the FlexGrip ™ knee brace.

Size: XS
Color: Navy

Irideon® Riding Wear is designed for saddle use and tested for the needs of today's rider. Irideon® analyzes and modifies your designs literally sitting down in the saddle to ensure proper fit and functionality. It also pays special attention to sizes, so once you find your size, you can be sure that every next product will consistently match you. Each piece of clothing Irideon® Riding Wear combines the latest materials with an innovative look, fruiting in an unusual style, comfort of use, as well as the strength you need both in the saddle and in the stable.

Leggings, breeches and many Irideon® shirts are manufactured in the USA.